What is INN Care?

  • In the past, when sick, the patient had just been to the doctor’s office and often visited to the hospital or to the clinic sometimes to the acquaintance.

    Consultation at the hospital has many advantages. In spite of this, going to the Vietnamese hospital means having to wait long, being noisy, and sometimes becoming more infected. As hospital treatment is only appropriate for serious illnesses or difficult diseases requiring techniques that cannot be performed at home and sometimes surgery is necessary, the healing group at hospitals

    The clinic’s circuit room is similar, requiring patients to go on their own. A familiar doctor’s treatment depends on the doctor, and it cannot be available 24 hours a day.

    So is there any way that 80% of diseases can be treated at home? That is, the patient does not have to visit to the hospital, the clinic and the family members do not have to take the patient’s effort to go?

    During a time when patients are bedridden, difficult to travel, and the elderly walk difficult … but you still want to examine and treat them?

    Many diseases need long-term outpatient treatment to ensure health, not to get worse, to prevent new complications. Is there any way to prevent worse or complications?

    Do you need a nurse at home for injections from a doctor, wound care, rotting ulcers, or monitoring?

    I need doctors and nurses to accompany me; where should the disease be transferred to the countryside, where can it be returned?

    The home medical services to help keep patients healthy, minimize hospitalization, and meet all their medical needs are provided by INN Care.